Saturday, 21 January 2017


1.      Obtain expression for output equation of a rotating machine. Apply this for a synchronous, induction and dc machine.

2.      Discuss factors affecting size of rotating machine and how the separation of main dimensions is done.

3.      Explain SCR in synchronous machines.

4.      Find the main dimensions of a 20 MVA, 11kV, 50Hz, 150r.p.m., 3-phase water wheel generator. The average gap density is 0.6 Wb /m² and ampere conductors per meter are 35,000. The peripheral speed should not exceed 65 m/s at normal running speed in order to limit the run-away speed.

5.      Give procedure for designing the field system of a three-phase turbo generator from the given design data. Also indicate how much excitation power may be required for such a generator of about 100 MW capacity.

6.      A 1500 kVA, 3-phase, star-connected, 3300 V, 250 rpm water wheel generator has the following design data:
Effective gap length                           = 7mm
Effective gap area/pole                       = 0.075 m²
Winding factor                                    = 0.955
Field mmf per pole under  rated condition                 = 7850 A
No. of field turns/pole                                    = 180
The peak value of fundamental flux density distribution B…= 0.94 T and peak value of the actual flux density distribution B…=0.9T.
The permissible value of current density in field winding is 3 A/mm². Determine:
(i)     Turns  / phase
(ii)   MMF for air gap
(iii) Armature MMF /pole
(iv) Field current
(v)   Sectional area of field conductor.  

7.      Design the suitable values of diameter and length of a 75 MVA, 11 KV, 50 Hz, 3000 rpm, 3-phase star connected alternator. Also determine the value of flux, conductor per slot, no of turns per phase, and size of armature conductor. Given
Average gap density               = 0.6    T
Amp conductor per m             = 50,000
Peripheral speed                      = 180 m/s
Current density                       = 6 A/m2

8.      Calculate the diameter, core length, number of conductors of the stator, size of conductor, number of stator slots of a 30 MVA, 11KV, 3000 r.p.m. 50Hz star connected turbo alternator. Assume suitable data:
Bav =0.55 Wb/m²,         ac =55000 A/m,          Kw = 0.955,
Peripheral velocity = 160 m/s.

9.      If two synchronous machines running at the same speed and having the same number of poles, the physical dimensions are in the ratio 3 : 2. Compare the outputs, armature copper losses and iron losses in the two machines. Assume specific magnetic loading and current density to be same for both the machines. 



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