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How Electrical is a worldwide community where engineers engaged in the Electrical power and automation industries, How Electrical is an open opportunity for the students of Electrical Engineering and for practically new in this field of Electrical technology. In this blog. we share all the post about how electrical technology actually works in practical life. How Electrical technology will work when you will do it practically. What you need to know before coming to practical life in electrical technology. The mission is Energy and Electrical engineering for all. What should you know before coming to the industry We also share all necessary material about Electrical technology at how electrical Blogspot blog to know visitors learn more. So keep visiting here at HowElectrical blog and keep learning well education and practical things.
team members

Team members and Admins. 

  • Engr. Mohsin (Electrical)
  • Engr. Parkash (Electronics)
All the Team members are Young Web developers from different countries. Students and still seeking knowledge from other websites, notes and books from many years to improve their experience. They always feel very excitement after getting technical experience at Electrical technology (power & automation field).

How Electrical is a blog of technical and engineering art which mean's a knowledge with everyone seeks from other like friends, relatives, class-fellows and even from un-known persons.
They just want to encourage our engineers and technical friends to do more and as well as developers. Which also can give them chance to learn and earn and to do more for peoples.

We always update our goal here for better result. Our Engineers are working for How Electrical blog and they post 3 to 4 new articles every night. You also can ask any question regarding Interview or technical field from our engineers. These are running future goals that is below.

  • Electrical Urdu Blog - Making for Urdu/Hindi students (as per request from many students from India and Pakistan).
  • Electrical Engineering Library (Free books will be share there and knowledgeable documents for all.
  • Siemens PLC S7 1200 Programming and software blog. (For advanced users and friends).

At the end, Bundle of thanks for my friends, Colleagues, Guests and all other Well-Wishers who give us great suggestions to improve How Electrical Blog.
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  1. such a nice and informative blog.. keep going :)

    1. Its pleasure to get feedback like your's cuz its not just your comment, its appreciation for us. Thankyou @MonuTeena-RecipesPassion

  2. Its very nice to know abut your team, hope you will soon launch yours plc programming website. I bookmarked your blog and I will be waiting for the post named "PLC programming website by HowElectrical team. This is my first time comment in the internet, I'm also related to Electrical field.
    Thanks for sharing your ideas with us.