Monday, 16 January 2017


Common Questions that mostly asked in the interview.
Nowadays, there are much difficult to pass the interview and get the job after a competition. and many beginners failed in the interview because of no experience So here I am sharing some tips for the interview which will help you to get a job and prove your personality and talent.  So questions are related to HR interview/personality test (non-technical).

Q1: Tell something about yourself / define yourself?
Tip#1: You should know that what interviewer want to listen from you, and what he/she are asking about?  means you have to tell your special quality. Why he/she will select you? Why only you? Just show your special quality (it may be your skills about the job field or your education or etc). Tell him to your summarise profile.

Q2: What are your major qualities?
Tip#2: How you think your talent or will you become an important asset of the Company. Just think as like that you are sailing yourself and your abilities. It is time to persuade your talent and your abilities.

interview tips.

Q3: What are your weakness?
Tip#3: Tell your weakness as interviewer think that it is not your weakness it should be your strength. Tell them shortly not long stories.

Q4: Why you are interested in doing the job here?
Tip#4: Tell your answer in clear words and tell them how much you are dedicated and you are very interested in doing this job because it is related to your field and whatsoever you think better if. You should not tell that many peoples/many relatives are working here so I also would like to do so because it will bad impact on the interviewer.

Q5: Why we select you? Why not other?
Tip#5: You should persuade them that you are best for this position/for this job. You should tell something good like you will do best for the company.

Q6: Do you want to ask something from us/or from me?
Tip#6: You should Think 4 to 5 question that will you ask from interviewers before. And then must ask at least one question but your question must show your interest in this job.



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