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Electrical Engineering can be divided into two main major branches. Electrical Power System is the major field or we can say the major sub-branch of Electrical engineering. Electrical Power engineering is well known and famous field and having an important role in country's development. Power engineering depends upon these factors which are following below:

electrical power
  • Power Generation
  • Power Transmission
  • Power Distribution
Power generation play very important role in any country. The development of the country highly depends on the power availability of the system.

Power Generation System.
There are many methods now a days to generate electric power. Some are famous and some are not famous, So some of these are following.
  1. Statistic Electricity
  2. Electro magnetic induction
  3. Electro chemistry
  4. Photo Electric
  5. Thermo Electric
  6. The mechanical strain of electrically an isotropic molecules.
  7. Nuclear transformation.
However, when it comes to electricity generation or power generation in industrial side, Only Electromagnetic induction and Photoelectric actions used to generate electricity. For Electromagnetic induction method, 
  • Hydro power
  • Thermal power
  • Wind power
  • Nuclear power
  • Bio mass power
  • Tidal power
  • Geo thermal power
  • Dendro power
  • Plasma gasification and vitrification process are used as source to drive the turbine.

Hydro Power Plant
Hydro power generation is very economical environmental friendly way to generate electricity. But it needs comparatively large capital to innitiate. It is catagarized in to 3 stages,
  1. Large hydro power stations – Connects directly to the national grid (Typically to 132kV or  220kV)
  2. Mini Hydro power stations – Connects to the medium voltage line (Typically 33kv/66kv) lower than 10MW of generation.
  3. Micro Hydro power stations. – For industries or housing schemes isolated by the network. It is not connected to the national grid.

Generally, in a hydro power station it consist with Dam, Penstook, Surge cahmber, MIV, Wicket gates, Turbines, Draft tube, Generator, Governor, Bearings, Main shaft, Excitation generator, Control panel, Protection schemes and transformers.

Power Distribution System
In distribution system, there are many things but I start from Grid Station.
The main task/main work of grid station is step down the voltages that are coming from power plant in high voltage transmission lines. The conversion which is done in grid station is usually 132kv to 33kv. Grid station is located always in center on the province or town.



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