Saturday, 21 January 2017



  1. Discuss basic concepts of design giving limitations in design.

  1. What is understood by the terms, Standards and Standardization as applied to the design of electrical machines? Explain their importance.

  1. What is understood by the term, “Specifications? Write down specifications for transformers and induction motors.

  1. What are the modern trends in design and manufacturing techniques giving their relative advantages.

  1. Give a classification of insulating materials used in electrical machines in context of permissible temperature rise.

  1. Name a few insulating materials used in a transformer and give their temperature limits.

  1. Give modes of heat dissipation in electrical machines and obtain temperature rise-time curves.

  1. Describe the types of enclosures used for induction motors and their effect on cooling.

  1. Explain radial, axial, induced and forced cooling as applied to electrical machines. What is direct cooling and how the quantity of cooling medium estimated.


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